A primary function of art and thought is to liberate the individual from the tyranny of culture
- Lionel Trilling


mexico city 2004. severe tequila hangover 


165 Kemble St., Lenox, Massachusetts
All properties that abutt this mansion/resort have free unlimited access to the resort. The surrounding properties therefore act as a kind of fence.


An underground passageway that goes from 225 W. 14th street to 15th St. 
Thanks Beverly




176 Clifton Place to Lafayette Gardens
photos: Adnan Lotia


"In October he backed his ox into his cart
and he and his family filled it up
with everything they made or grew all year long
that was left over.

He packed candles the family made.
He packed linen made from the flax they grew.
He packed shingles he split himself.
He packed birch brooms that his son carved
with a borrowed kitchen knife.

And he walked at his ox's head ten days
until he came to Portsmouth
and Portsmouth Market.

He sold birch brooms.
He sold candles and shingles.

He sold his ox cart.

Then he sold his ox, and kissed him goodbye on his nose."

Ox-Cart Man, Donald Hall


8:00 this morning.  This project is finished.  Thank you to Adnan, Lindsay, Ely, Nina, Jack, Blue, Adam and Ryan.
Photo: Adnan Lotia


Found another piece my sister made 


Barn #1, gouache and watercolor on paper


A still frame from Essex, 2 minute digital video
photo: Georgia Elrod


Attaching the zipline through the church yard on the other side of the block. Thanks to Linsday Minnich  


My sister made this years and years ago.  I've always loved it.


Giambattista Nolli's Map of Rome, 1748  
"In Nolli's map the outdoor civic space is a positive void and is more figural than the solids that define it.  Space is conceived as a positive entity in an integrated relationship with the surrounding solids.  This is the opposite of the modern concept of space, where buildings are figural, freestanding objects, and space is an uncontained void.  In Nolli, the void is figural." Finding Lost Space, Roger Trancik


Beginning of camera zipline on 10/6/10.  Hopefully by tomorrow it will splice through the entire block, from Clifton Place to Lafayette Ave.


Installing a camera zipline. Thanks E, L, B &R.


Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, a brother of Frank Lloyd Wright.  One of his middle names was Lincoln, thus the name Lincoln Logs.
Two Notched Logs #1, watercolor on paper


A woodcock, a grouse, and a Holland & Holland



Cabin #1, watercolor on paper
The log cabin in Kentucky that Lincoln was born in in 1809