A primary function of art and thought is to liberate the individual from the tyranny of culture
- Lionel Trilling


A closed hotel on 42nd street.

The abandoned Hotel St. Cloud hotel on main street Cañon City, Colorado.  I stayed in this hotel in 2000.  What my companion and I remembered most about our stay there were the sheets.  They felt like silken clouds.  It closed soon after our stay.

 The hotel was originally constructed 45 miles away in Silver Cliff Colorado in 1880. When the silver mining went bust, the owner disassembled the building brick by brick, transported them by oxen cart to Cañon City and reassembled the building. It opened for business at its current location in 1886.  The building is landmarked, yet has supposedly been slated for demolition.  The one person I spoke to on my visit to Cañon City told me that multiple efforts were underway to save it, though none of them seemed promising.

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